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Disaster Recovery & Emergency Services

Kauai United Way's Participating Agencies can be roughly divided into five categories. One of these categories is Disaster Recovery and Emergency Services. The percentage of dollars devoted to each can be found in our Annual Report (located in About Kauai United Way).

Mobile Canteen Trailer is being used to deliver hotmeals to the parks and beaches where the folks are. The canteen trailer is also equipped and ready for use in the event there is a disaster.

Many volunteers lend a hand to feed hundreds of families during The Salvation Army's annual Thanksgiving dinner.

Not many weeks pass by without familiar, poignant images appearing on television or the newspaper of dazed disaster victims receiving the compassionate attention of relief workers. It is a hallmark of civilization that human beings organize to anticipate the enormous needs catastrophes create and are able to respond successfully with coordinated assistance. People helping desperate people: it's dramatic, so it's no wonder that social services receive the most public attention in the aftermath of emergencies.

Everyone who lived through Kauai's time of greatest need, Hurricane Iniki in 1992, remembers the swift and invaluable help provided by the Salvation Army of Kauai. They were on the scene immediately, ensuring that Kauai people received the means to get by throughout the recovery. It's comforting to know that these fine organizations are always available to help when the need arises.

The Salvation Army of Kauai is hard at work in our community every day helping people overcome their individual disasters and reassemble their lives.

Not having enough to eat is one of the most elemental emergency situations in which a person can find oneself. The Hawaii Food Bank provides food from the nationwide program Feeding America, Oahu and right here on Kauai with home-grown donations of food and money to fight hunger on Kauai via a network of food pantries throughout the island.

Disaster Recovery & Emergency Services may be especially dramatic examples of the vital social service work you support when you give to Kauai United Way, but, in a way, they are much like the many other programs we support. Collectively they represent the Kauai community reaching out to help those in need, helping them to lead as independent, productive, well-adjusted lives as they can... and that makes life on Kauai better for everyone!

Boys & Girls Clubs
A Participating Agency

"Boys & Girls Clubs help keep kids out of trouble by making activities and other recreational tools available after school."

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