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Family Services

Kauai United Way's Participating Agencies can be roughly divided into five categories. One of these categories is Family Services. The percentage of dollars devoted to each can be found in our Annual Report (located in About Kauai United Way).

Photo © Child & Family Service adoption program

YWCA of Kauai

Catholic Charities

It is within the fundamental structures of families that we care for one another and raise our children. Consequently, helping to ensure that Kauai families remain intact, healthy and durable, with mutually supportive members, is essential to maintaining a strong community here on our island.

Many of the problems that occur within every family can be managed without the need for outside intervention. Sometimes, however, we are confronted with situations that are beyond our experience and ability to cope. At such difficult times, it's good to know that there are professionals to whom we can turn for guidance. Child & Family Service is devoted to providing counseling for families in need, as well as other programs, such as parenting classes and foster / adoptive parent training. They also help with domestic violence, substance abuse and family planning. Hale Opio and Hale Kipa are other Kauai agencies dedicated to strengthening ohana, by helping troubled teens to get back on track and others to stay out of trouble in the first place. Parents And Children Together (PACT) provides a safe, supervised visitation facility for parents who have split up as well as intensive counseling for families with children exhibiting behavorial problems.

When families find themselves in disputes with neighbors or others,Kauai Economic Opportunity (KEO) Mediation Services can often help. The process, which emphasizes cooperation over confrontation, is far less expensive than the legal system saving family funds and taxpayer dollars, too!

The Legal Aid Society of Hawaii - Kauai and the YWCA of Kauai provide such broad services to our community that is difficult to categorize them neatly, but we include thier programs generally in our Family Services group. Legal Aid probides free and low-cost legal services to Kauai people without the financial resources to pay for them and their Center for Equal Justice provides self-help legal resources. The YWCA of Kauai directs its services for the benefit of Kauai's women and girls, with programs that include sex offender and violence treatment - including the Domestic Violence Shelter - the Ohana Visitation Center, mental health services and much more.

Catholic Charities is hard at work in our community every day preventing homelessness. They strengthen Kauai families and help them find ways to stay in their homes with adequate food, clothing and medicines. A small investment in preventing homelessness today is far more cost-effective than treating the many, serious social problems that arise from homelessness tomorrow.

Simply finding a home is a challenge for many Kauai families. Kauai Habitat for Humanity is doing something about that, one family at a time. Families willing to provide substantial labor to build their house are eligible for help in building and financing their own home on Kauai.

Keeping Kauai families together and strong is a basic goal of several of the agencies supported by Kauai United Way. It's another way your donations to Kauai United Way help ensure the social health of our entire community, something that makes life on our island better for everyone.

Kauai Hospice
A Participating Agency

"The Fourth of July "Concert in the Sky" is one of many fundraising efforts made by the Kauai Hospice, one of many agencies of the Kauai United Way."

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